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Perfume Atomizer Portable Empty Refillable Bottle 5ml/8ml

Perfume Atomizer Portable Empty Refillable Bottle 5ml/8ml

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8/5ml Perfume Atomizer Portable Liquid Container For Cosmetics Traveling Mini Aluminum Spray Alcochol Empty Refillable Bottle

Product Description:

Capacity: 5ml or 8ml

Size: 5ML=80mm*16.5mm;



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Note 1: In order to ensure the bottle's tightness and spray effect, the bottles are all vacuum tested, please press the nozzle a few times before using, and then press to fill the perfume after expelling the air inside.

Note 2: Not all perfumes are suitable for this bottle. It is required that the length of the large perfume nozzle tube is greater than or equal to 8mm, and the diameter is less than or equal to 4mm. The nozzle cannot be unplugged or the tube does not meet the requirements.



How to use perfume atomisers:


1)Before refilling perfume, remove the atomizers lids, spray a few times to discharge the gas in the perfume atomiser,

2)Take off the lid of the big perfume bottle, and check the tube size of big perfume bottle. Tube diadiameter ≤3.2mm, tube length ≤7mm,

3)Insert the atomiser vertically on the perfume bottle tube, press up and down repeatedly until it refills becomes,

4)Monitor the clear visual window to ensure the highest water line not exceeding the highest point of the window,

5)Finish filling, try to spray 1-2 times to speed up filling port closure.

6)After use, close the cap and take it with you, could be put in your pocket or handbag, suitable for travel.



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